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Specialist in the IT industry, we believe that everyone should have easy access to the internet and every business should be able to advertise online without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. Over the last couple of years we have evolved into a web development company that will be able to provide your business with a very cheap solutions. We have helped numerous businesses gain extra exposure over the internet and have a broad knowledge of how the Google search engine works. We also provide cheap maintenance solution to both Web and IT. We have over 16 years of IT experience and 10 years of Web Development experience. IE Technology has been involved n the development of software programs and online directory services.

We Garantuee

That your business will get major exposure on the internet it all depends on your company's budget and the product or services you are selling to the public. The days of flyers are gone and people are starting to realize this, but without the knowledge to market your Company successfully on the Internet you won't gain the exposure and won't be able to grow your business online. Internet Marketing is target related and therefore the success on acquiring new customers are so much better.

Our Services

Among the services listed on the left, we have also created a forum where you could find a lot of answer you might have been looking for, we are the first company to introduce IT Online Support on Pre Paid and with today's technology we can fix your computer from our offices without having to send someone to your branch, this allows us to have you up and running again in no time. Our expertise also allows us to diagnose your problem very fast and very efficiently. We know that time is money and that your business is dependant on computers and networks.

Our Clients

We have found a way to do business without having to spend hours on meetings with new clients, or call outs to branches most of our business come from the internet and we design websites for both local and the international market. We have never met most of our clients, but have succeeded in designing there website with easy and 100% client satisfactory. Using various tools at our disposal like email or remote desktop support we have helped hundreds or clients with there IT related problems and offer our services across the globe.

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